Friday, 16 April 2010

Punch Drunk

I have spent the last few weeks, punching and stitching the archive files for the table top. There are 48 boxes in total, and I have just finished the 42nd, so the end is finally in sight for this stage. It has been something of a Herculaean task!

Here are just a few of them laid out on my studio floor.

Before the boxes are stitched, each one needs to be punched with holes. The back of the punched lids are very pleasing, with a series of raised bumps and holes, a little like braille.

The next stage is to start on the place settings themselves. These will be set into the 'portholes' in the table top. Each setting will have it's own quilling motif, referencing the plasterwork and papier mache ceilings of Orleans House and Strawberry Hill.

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